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NECINA Entrepreneurship Workshop Finale

NECINA Entrepreneur Workshop (NEW5.0)



May 11th 2017 (Thursday), 6:00pm-9:00pm, light dinner will be provided.

6:00 - 6:15pm  Light Dinner & Networking            

6:15 - 6:30pm  Welcome speech

6:30 - 9:00pm  Startup Pitches      


NECINA's Entrepreneur Workshop (NEW) has connected and showcased various startups and entrepreneurs throughout it's five year history. Many have received funding from VCs & investors and gone on to be successful companies in both the United States and China. 

This May, we are excited to announce the NEW 5.0 Final Pitch Competition. If you have attended any of our past sessions during this year, we highlighted several start-up companies focusing on the various monthly topics of discussion.

Come and view all of these startup companies at one time as they showcase their projects and company to a panel of judges to receive various rewards, including cash prizes. 

Which startup company will win first prize? Join us to find out! 


First Prize:      $5K cash

Second Prize: $2K cash 

Third Prize:     $1K cash 

All the winners will have private coaching session with HengTian & Kendall Venture

All finalists receive FREE exposure and promotion at CUBIC online platform - connecting with potential investors and partners from China High-Tech Zones, and potential opportunities to be invited for China Trip.

All finalists receive a free company demo booth at NECINA annual conference event June 10 2017

Who should participate:

  • Entrepreneurs                 

  • NECINA NEW5.0 teams (NEW 5.0 is a FREE accelerator program for companies to build and improve their business, and reach out to more audience.)


Tony Tian

Managing Partner at Kendall Venture

Kendall Venture (CUBIC Venture fund) provides funding and other resources such as office spaces, legal and tax services, sales and marketing channels to promising technology startups. It is managed by a team of experts with deep understanding of U.S. and China markets. I split my time in Cambridge and Newton.

Examples of the companies Tony led the process include: Project Joy, TVision Insights (now series B),BioInk, EnGauge (an industry-leading solution for safety compliance for mission critical devices such as fire alarms, oxygen tanks) etc. I also advised NuVolta Tech (now Series B), ParentJoy (now Series A), eShip (landed in Hangzhou, China).

Albert Ma 
Chief Innovation Officer, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Mr. Albert Ma is the Chief Innovation Officer of Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd. He has over 25 years of IT management and software development experience. Before joining Hengtian, Mr. Ma was the Chief Information Officer of the State Street Technology Center for several years in Hangzhou, China. He was the core team member in setting up the IT operation locally and migration of strategic applications to the Hangzhou office. Mr. Ma graduated from the University of Queensland with a Masters Degree in Technology Management and an MBA from the Univeristy of Hull. He is a certified Project Management Professional and Certified IT Professional. As the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mr. Ma manages the R&D and innovation activities of the company. He makes leading research efforts in technical solutions in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Machine Learning and Software Engineering Automation.

Wan Li Zhu

Fairhaven Capital

Wang Li Zhu an active early stage technology startup investor, as a member of the investment team at Fairhaven Capital, a venture capital firm based in Boston, and as a founder and Managing Director of MIT Alumni Angels, an investment network that supports MIT-affiliated startups.

Wang Li Zhu's areas of interest are AI-enabled systems, cyber security, enterprise software, and new consumer platforms including internet of things and virtual and augmented reality.

Wang Li Zhu have a background in software product management, having held leadership roles in product development and marketing at Microsoft in Dynamics CRM, the fastest growing business in the company's history. I have also spent time in online advertising (Google), and in financial services across investment banking (Morgan Stanley), equity trading (NYSE), and IT (Merrill Lynch).

Specialties: venture capital financing of early stage startups, startup business development, software product development and marketing, online advertising, financial services

Wei Lu

Senior Partner of Cybernaut Investment Group 

Mr. Wei Lu has over 20 years of diversified experiences in investment management as well as business operation. He is a senior partner of the Cybernaut (China) Investment Group, a leading VC/PE fund management group in China. He is also the Chairman of Vermont International Academy, a fast growing US education company operating multiple school campuses in China. Wei is formerly Senior Vice President of The Blackstone Group, assisting in managing an Asia Pacific investment fund of USD 2.5 billion. Prior to Blackstone, he was a Vice President and senior analyst at Oppenheimer Asset Management, and BNY Capital Markets. He was also a co-founder and CFO of a San Francisco headquartered IT and consulting firm SRS2 Inc. Mr. Lu received an MBA from Northeastern University (Boston, MA), an MS in Economics from the University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT), and a BS in Industrial Engineering & International Business from Shanghai Jiaotong University (Shanghai, China). Mr. Lu is a board member of several companies in the US and China.

Jay Sun

Managing Partner at Cambridge Venture

Jay is Managing Partner at Cambridge Venture, angel investor and mentor to entrepreneurs.  Jay has served as interim CFO and business strategist for over a dozen startup companies and was a co-founder of The Barbarian Group - an internet marketing and innovation company that received Agency of the Year awarded twice.

The Finale Teams


Giaran Inc. is a hypergrowth venture backed Artificial Intelligence technology startup. It is a Northeastern University spinoff and founded by serial entrepreneurs and world-renowned Artificial Intelligence expert. The company takes the big data mining principles of digital cosmetic visualization and provides real-time augmented reality displays using advanced machine learning and computer vision technologies. Giaran's most current prototype, the "Giaran Mirror," enables users to experience a highly realistic smart real-life makeup try-on for virtual sampling. Its technology is phenomenally capable of providing virtual makeup removal, color matching, light calibration, skin measurement, skin tone recognition, user habits analysis, along with customized interactive tutorials. It may help cosmetic retailers to reduce labor, material and overhead costs, while increasing cross sell/upsell potential by providing consumers a personalized and color-precise makeover.


NeuroMesh is a managed security and intelligence platform for IoT devices. Our solution is a vaccine that will prevent malicious botnets from taking over the vaccinated device. NeuroMesh utilizes blockchain for managed access control and deep learning for security intelligence.


The LYF tech team dedicates to promoting the effectiveness and boosting the value of facility agriculture via utilizing IoT technologies. Our team is developing a smart monitoring and management system on the basis of multivariable IoT sensor network and cloud-based backend platform. Our product will help build highly automated and intelligentized agriculture facilities which optimizes the plantation environment.

STA Tech

STA Tech is a healthcare company that solves the problem of current blood pressure (BP) monitor methods. Current clinical BP measurement still utilizes the 100-year-old cuff-based method, which is slow, single-shot and user-unfriendly. With IP developed by Dr. Quan Zhang from MGH neural system group, STA Tech introduces the BPFlex, the first cuffless, wearable blood pressure monitor that allows 24hr continuous blood pressure monitoring in a home environment. We will help 80 million hypertension patients in the US to better classify their cases and track results of anti-hypertensive medication. STA Tech develops the product featured with BP waveform and medical-level accuracy, which realizes stroke predication and heart attack prevention to be a huge benefit for human healthcare.

联系方式:刘雨岑(Liz)3475179121 yucen_liu@alumni.brown.edu

ReinEsse LLC

 ReinEsse LLC was founded by entrepreneurs with strong R&D background. Dedicating on improving human health, ReinEsseTM LLC utilizes the advanced technologies to develop the next generation skin care and dermal care products and services for supplying end consumer companies. The company is located in Farmington, Connecticut and maintains a research laboratory in the Technology Incubation Program at the University of Connecticut.

联系方式: ying.liu@reinesse.com


The ApreX team is committed to using microfluidics to solve the difficult problems that are common in experiments in biological experiments, to achieve its standardization process through microfluidic biochips, and to accelerate the experimental process and improve experimental efficiency. Our product microfluidic 3D cancer cell modeling culture chip, can effectively provide drug research and development institutions with efficient and easy to use drug testing platform to speed up the drug development process. At the same time, this technology has great potential to become the traditional pharmaceutical sieve drug key link in the future can be part or all of the alternative mouse model to achieve efficient sieve medicine. In the future can also be applied to individualized drug screening, in order to achieve a truly effective personalized precision care. In addition, we have the folding microfluid technology can be widely used in the field of rapid detection in vitro, to solve the current microfluidic chip sampling side of the complex operation problems, accelerate the process of microfluidization industry.

联系方式   aprexbiotech@gmail.com


The Texthood makes text-commerce a reality using its ordering and payment platform. As app fatigue sets in, we help businesses engage and sell on mobile using universal open messaging platforms like SMS, without the cost of getting customers to download an app. We are currently working with restaurants to enable direct ordering over SMS, bypassing expensive middlemen like Grubhub and Foodler.


Galaxy.AI has built a machine vision solution for casualty insurance market - Galacticar.  Galacticar is revolutionizing the insurance industry. We enable casualty insurance companies to interact more with their customers, and leave the repetitive and time consuming task of processing claims to our solution! Galacticar’s machine vision technology analyzes the damaged vehicle images submitted by a user or an auto repair shop through a mobile app. and gives claims cost estimate within seconds. Galacticar is used to determine whether a claim should be filed, and also to triage claims so that insurance companies can focus on high priority claims. We are working with top global insurance companies.

Contact: Jasjit Maggu, Jas@galaxy.ai


ZSFab provides surgeons with patient specific knee surgery packages including 3D printed biocompatible surgical guides and titanium alloyed implants, optimized for shape, and especially the biomechanical properties, with its algorithm. The algorithm takes in the raw CT/MRI data and converts into 3D bone models with the help of surgeons, followed with autonomous modeling of the guides and the biomechanical lattice structures optimization. Selected 3D printers are used to fabricate the guides and implants. The package reduces surgery time, lowers malpractice rate, shortens recovery period, alleviates/eliminates foreign body sensation and improves satisfaction rate overall. A collaboration with medical devices distributors will be sought for sales. Our team is composed of experts in 3D printing, mechanics, materials and surgeons. 

Contact: jingzhang@zsfab.com

Blink Card

Blink Card is a financial technology company offering financial services to consumers. Blink Card’s first product, the Blink Card –– which will be marketed towards both parents and adolescents –– is a mobile banking platform for families, where children are supplied a debit card backed by a mobile app. Parents are able to monitor their kids' spending, while children can manage their money through a variety of powerful tools.


Eximchain is an AI platform that brings data science to small-and-medium-sized enterprises in global trade. Our machine learning algorithm provides personalized matching and prediction based on patterns of transaction-based bahavior and customer preferences.Users can receive detailed analysis by searching from our database or integrate with their existing ERP. We are running out-of-core machine learning on distributed backend and building digital identities for buyers and suppliers on blockchain. Our solution helps buyers to find suppliers with lower cost and more accurate information, and help reputable suppliers get discovered effectively. 


CIC 15th floor KPMG, 

1 Broadway,  Cambridge, MA

Public transportation: Kendall/MIT@Red line

Parking: Street parking availble, MIT E51 lot (free, 5 min walk)

or $10 at the same building parking (5PM-10PM)

Event Contacts

    Arthur Xu         arthur.xu@necina.org

    Jesse Zhang    jesse.zhang@necina.org

    Tony Tian         tony.tian@necina.org

    Joan Ni            joan.ni@necina.org

Event Sponsors

KPMG, HengTian, CUBIC, Kendall Venture


New England Chinese Information and Networking Association (NECINA) is a non-profit, non-political organization. It was founded in 1996 by a group of network computing industry leaders who recognized the need to advocate cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurship.
Today, NECINA has grown to be one of the premium high tech professional organizations in New England. NECINA has its reach to thousands of people with members covering diverse industries such as software, telecommunications, networking, bioinformatics, venture capital, finance, and law. 

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